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Movement Ecology Programs 
"Turning science into art" ~ Emma Barry
We guide clients through Brazilian JuiJitsu, Yoga, Pilates and Functional "get-it-from-the-ground" Movement, all of which are taught with an inclusive approach that creates space for all. Our intention is to support your development, providing you with information, tools, voice and practical hands on coaching, environment and community. We are here to assist in developing better movers on the mats and powerful movers in the world.

Movement Ecology Vinyasa Yoga:
Centered • Safe • Open
Movement Ecology Vinyasa Yoga frees the body and mind with breath, dynamic movement and fixed postures. Kili's style is interdisciplinary and eclectic without adhering to rigidity or dogmatic methods.These classes are great for enhancing personal connection, reducing stress and anxiety or deepening and advancing your practice, depending on your needs for the day. Rooted in self- inquiry and compassion, Movement Ecology Yoga's feel- good properties helps you create balance, freedom and presence on the mat and in life.

* Private one on one sessions available

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Movement Ecology Brazilian Jui Jitsu:
Empower • Strength • Confidence
This predominantly ground-based martial art creates confidence using the principals of leverage, angles, pressure and timing, as well as knowledge of the human anatomy, in order to achieve a non-violent control and submission of one's opponent. Curriculum is a balanced approach between self-defense and sport jiu jitsu. Any size, shape, or fitness level welcome. Coached by an IBJJF recognized black belt for both Gi and NoGi.

Robert is currently a black belt under 2 Time World Champion Jonathan "JT" Torres of Essential Jiu Jitsu in New York.

Lineage: Mitsuyo Maeda > Carlos Gracie Sr. > Helio Gracie > Carlos Gracie Jr > Rigan Machado > Chris Haueter > Thomas Oberhue > Robert Marti

Movement Ecology is an Essential Jiu Jitsu affiliate academy.

* Private one on one sessions available

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Movement Ecology Function:
Push • Fun • Invincible
Movement Ecology Function offers a full-body workout that burns calories and strips fat, combining intervals of high-intensity whole-body exercises and dynamic recovery.
This class incorporates kettlebells, power bands and bodyweight to increase strength, mobility, endurance and stamina. All levels

* Private one on one sessions available

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Movement Ecology Pilates:
Connected • Power • Control
Movement Ecology Pilates offers a contemporary approach to the teachings of Joseph Pilates. Movements originate from the center, or core, of your body, working from the deepest layers of muscles that improve support, posture, alignment, coordination and confidence. This class changes the way you think about movement and improves efficiency of load, pressure and action. Whether you surf, walk, roll, do yard work these classes help you become a better mover connected in sport, confident in life. All levels welcome.

* Private one on one sessions available

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Empower • Support • Comfort

A certified Doula and Pre/Post Natal exercise specialist, Kili will develop a program that is unique to you and your goals for a healthy pregnancy and birth. 


Prenatal conditioning will focus on breath, pelvic floor strength and release, diastasis prevention, stress release, strength and stability, alignment and cardiovascular training. All will support your body through pregnancy and prepare you for birth. 


Postpartum conditioning will begin as soon as you are ready. We start by coming back to your core, creating a new relationship to your body with gentle, functional movements that provide length, mobility and stability while you heal within your new world of energy, sleep and care. We will slowly add strength, cardio components and low impact, within reason, to your individual needs. The goal is to provide a safe transition back into exercise and experience a FULL postpartum recovery. 


Start anytime, before or during your pregnancy or after your birth. These sessions are one-on-one with Kili, in the studio or at your home. Email to set up a free assessment to see if training is right for you.


Small groups are available upon request.

Pregnant Yoga
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